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At Jet Team Finance we can appraise and trade your vehicle.

Save yourself time and hassle by choosing vehicle trade ins with us. It couldn’t be simpler. Use our handy trade application to get a car valuation online on what your vehicle is worth.

Trade in my car: How do car trade ins work?

Our car valuation online specialists use current pricing trends, recent sale prices of similar models, condition, and mileage to assess the value of your vehicle. A car valuation online with Jet Team Finance will look at the following:

Age: As a car gets older, its value will depreciate over time, however that depreciation rate will differ depending on how well it has been looked after, the kilometres on the clock and its market demand. Overall, this depreciation will be gradual but with a major drop in price between 3-5 years followed by smaller annual decreases.

Make and model: The value of used cars (and their condition) varies greatly depending on the year, make and model. If a model is in demand, your vehicle will be easier to sell – and have a higher valuation price.

Mileage: Mileage is an essential factor when it comes to the resale value of your vehicle. The fewer kilometres you have on your clock, the more desirable your car will be to potential buyers. The average Australian motorist racks up about 13 thousand kilometres a year, but if your car has travelled less than average for its age, it’s likely to sell for more than otherwise.

The amount you’ll get for car trade ins depends on the car’s condition, what year it is, options, its kilometres, and what you owe on the car. To get the most money with trading in your current vehicle, make sure you get your car serviced before bringing it to another dealer or trade-in company.

A key consideration before buying your next car should be – what is the resale value? Resale value is important because eventually, you will want to sell or trade in your vehicle. It’s also a good indication of the quality and durability of the car, as it will hold its value longer than others.

Trade in my car with Jet Team Finance

If you’d like to have your vehicle evaluated for a trade in, you can apply for a car valuation online via our form or call 1300 538 346 to speak with a car finance broker today.


Is Trading in Your Car Worth It?

You get the most value when your car is worth more than what you owe. If your vehicle is worth more than its trade-in value, your next step is to figure out how much money you need for a down payment plus other expenses.

How Does Trade in Work on Cars?

We’ll look over the vehicle and evaluate all factors, including mileage, interior condition and previous repairs, and provide an offer we believe is of fair market value. If you like our offer, we can complete the paperwork right there. And if not, we’ll keep looking; there may be another option that works better for you.

Do You Get a Better Deal if You Trade in a Car?

Trading in a car has several benefits. It enables you to turn a problem car into a cash injection and get a new vehicle with a warranty in just a couple of hours. Opting for vehicle trade ins rather than selling privately also means your car’s price is fixed before the sale, and you avoid the time, effort, and cost of cleaning it and having photos taken for an online listing.

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