Our Car Loan Calculator is a great place to start when looking to purchase a vehicle with finance. It can give you a rough guide on how much you may be able to borrow or what your car loan repayments might be.

Our Car Loan Repayment Calculator can provide an approximate guide of what your weekly, fortnightly or monthly car repayments might over the Loan Term (eg 1-7 years).

When using any Car Finance Calculator, please keep in mind that asset finance (including cars, SUV’s and light commercials) is largely a ‘risk-based lending system’, meaning that the rate offered by our lenders to each customer is based on each individuals lending profile, circumstances and the asset they are looking to purchase.  As each customer is different, the car loan interest rate offered by our lenders is also likely to be different.

This is where our Finance Specialists step in.  They work to understand your particular circumstances and use their knowledge of car finance and our lenders’ criteria to find you the car finance options and rates that most suit your needs.

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